Get a lifetime supply of Rockhopper Socks!


  • Kick Off Pack: We'll start by sending you 3 pairs of every design we currently have available. That's 10 x 3 = 30 pairs of Rockhoppers to get you started!
  • Monthly Surprise: You'll automatically be signed up for our Monthly Surprise service (get 2 random pairs of Rockhoppers in the mail, every month), so that your Rockhopper collection stays fresh forever. 
  • First Served: You'll get all new designs we make in the future in the mail, before we even launch them! 

Lifetime supply

    • Rockhopper Socks reserves the right to end it's 'Monthly Surprise' service at all times, on the grounds of exhausted stocks or for prudential reasons. No (partial) refunds will be granted.
    • Shipment of the products will be payed by the customer, if he or she states an adress outside of Belgium.
    • Free shipment is included in the price to Belgian adresses.

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