The philosophy behind our designs

If you know a little bit about the Rockhopper brand, and have seen our socks and swimwear, you probably have noticed that we make use of different patterns and color combinations. These design elements have the obvious characteristic of making our garments look great, but there is a bigger thought process (or philosophy) behind them.


First off, we should tell you about our use of patterns. All our patterns are geometricly symmetric, and infinite. They wrap around your feet without showing a seam.

All our patterns have a single geometric shape at their core. Although the patterns are a little more complicated, if you look closely, you’ll see that there is one shape that is repeated endlessly. The rest of our pattern just plays with the structure given by that one main shape.

For example: Our Iceblue-Midnight design shown below has a hexagon as the main repeated shape. We created extra playfulness by filling each hexagon with stripes in different directions.


Our different patterns have different shapes at their core, which all have different characteristics. Throughout history, some shapes have been allocated a certain meaning because of those characteristics.

Squares, for example, stand for stability and trust, because of their familiarity and common use. They can be seen as ‘building blocks’, and are used in our Black-White and Red-Blue designs.

Circles are endless, and because of that they convey a sense of movement and energy. They are hard to use in a classical geometric pattern, but we incorporated them in our swimshort designs.

Hexagons have 6 sides, and stand for harmony and balance. They are common in nature and, are at the core of many of our designs. The Iceblue-Midnight design has already been mentioned, but also our Charcoal-Yellow, Brown-Gold, Navy-Grey, Pink-Blue and Purple-Orange designs have hexagons as the most important shape.

Of course, you are not bound to look at our designs through these given standards (and neither are we). You very much free to give your own meaning to our patterns!


As you might have noticed: each pattern we design is used in two color combinations for different socks. We try to have balance in our store: by using different colors, but also by playing with more subtle, and more flashy, combinations.

Rockhopper Socks are meant to fit your style, personality, mood, or whatever you want to convey through your outfit on any given day. There should be a Rockhopper design for every one, and every occasion.