When design meets sustainibility.

For Every pair of Rockhoppers we sell, we make a donation of 25 cents to a good cause.
The best part? You get to choose which charity we support with your money.

Together for our planet.

The Rockhopper penguin is our logo, so it's only right that we include greenpeace in our list of charities. Greenpeace keeps fighting for our earth and the environment. They protect a long list of endangered animals, and the Rockhopper is on that list...


Healthy lives, measurable results.

PSI wants to strengthen health systems around the world by focussing on prevention, awareness, education and hygiene. They do a great job at tracking their progress and are transparent on what they do and what they spend.

The Hunger Project

investing in communities.


The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. They focus on long term solutions and are transparent about their investments.

our three charities.

When checking out, you get to pick which of our three charities you wish to support with your purchase. After you pick one, we'll make the donation.

If you decide not to pick a specific charity, we just evenly divide the value of your purchase by three.

What else do we do?


We get our fabrics from the most reliable suppliers in Europe. That way we are sure about quality and origin.


All our production stays in Europe, to ensure fair wages and working conditions.


Packaging (and promotional items) are made from recycled materials.


When shipping our socks to Belgium, we keep them on the ground to limit emissions.


Even after your purchase, we donate part of the proceeds to charity. The best part is that YOU get to choose which one.