Bring back color

into daily life...
Without compromising on quality or sustainability.


The Beginning

We are two students from Antwerp, Belgium, with the dream of changing the way you think about your socks.

The Vision

socks shouldn’t be boring,

Our goal is to give your outfit

that extra edge with high quality design socks!

Social Commitment

Because we believe in responsible entrepreneurship, we make sure that we have a positive impact on the world.

Learn about what makes Rockhopper socks different and why they feel so much better.

Producing the best knitwear.

Quality of our socks.

What is 'sustainable'?


We get our fabrics from the most reliable suppliers in Europe. That way we are sure about quality and origin.


All our production stays in Europe, to ensure fair wages and working conditions.


Packaging (and promotional items) are made from recycled materials.


When shipping our socks to Belgium, we keep them on the ground to limit emissions.


Even after your purchase, we donate part of the proceeds to charity. The best part is that YOU get to choose which one.


custom collections

With our custom collections, we offer the distinct rockhopper socks qualities ou've come to know and love, reimagined with custom branded designs.